Logo Registration – Trademark Registration in Erode

Logo Registration in India

The logo of the Registrar of Fire Safety, Security and Protection, as well as the Logo is the guarantor of intellectual property rights. Along these lines, logo registration takes place, which suggests that both the logo and the company name should be selected. Let’s take a closer look at the design of these three key elements, namely: (logo). The application for Logo registration must be submitted in the form TM-1, TM-2 And TM-22, TM-37, TM-45,TM-51, TM-52, TM-53, A-TM-61 TM-64, TM-65, TM-66, TM-68, for example, in the Marking Regulations 2002. The app can even ask for a virtual world operator. A single app can be made for different classes of goods or invoices related to a class that demonstrates power. A single application can also be made in-place, in Logs. Logo Registration – Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article and required documents also.


Does not require registration and logo registration

Logo for registering relevant stores. So In the case of an individual,

This is a duplicate logos

Name of the applicant

Applicant’s address and nationality

The image is at work, and things are handled by the commander.

Notification from the class logo, including the Logo you must be registered with.

In the case where the agent was included in the power of attorney must be signed.(Form 48)

In the case of a company logo, registration is required

Foundation agreement and Articles of Association

Permanent Training Agreement (LLP) Act)

Certificate of Registration

Address company confirmation, gas fee, electricity fee, water bill)

If it is registered, the address of its location is leased, and the host’s NOK is leased.

As mentioned above, entries will be required to decorate the registration logo.

Stages of logo registration

Logo search

Logo search-audits various pieces of information, including the brand name, database, and even corporate and commercial orientation assets and regularly enters some brand registration open for use, without the risk of losing the benefits of the previous customer or registrant; and (b) registration-related Logo regulations in accordance with the laws and laws of the county.

Speech recognition

Now that it has been discovered that the proposed name does not conflict with a number of other branded products available in the room, in the safe, the logo, applications included in the office Logo. Now, a logo, app, link can be made to have more than one type of property in a single app. The application must be registered within six months from the date of entry into force of the decision on granting the right to use the thread located in another country.

Logo Research

Stamps that are included in the guide, take a look at this one, in the direction of what will meet the requirements to save to India. The assessment now takes place in about 8-10 months, is carried out on request, and it is decided whether it is possible to request a simplified assessment of administrative expenses compensation.


As a rule, this person also comes into conflict with the registration of the Logo. Owner of the previous app logo with a similar logos for similar things. A person who has used a similar Logo for our clients, but you don’t need to search for it to register this Logo either.


As of the date of publication of the ad in the Trademark Journal, while the Logo registration certificate must be issued. Now, if you choose a Logos legally, you will be charged an additional fee for some time within 10 years from the date of payment of the necessary fees.

Logo Registration

As a rule, this person also comes into conflict with the registration of the Logos. These were registered paintings, drawings, painting, planning, structure, shapes, words or symbols, three-dimensional symbols, numbers, images, photographs used alone or in a mixture, which is very rare for a company or organization. The logos, you can be known as the registration mark on the property.

These entries will need to be used with the registration logos.

For individuals the delicate duplicate of the logos, name, and address of the applicant. In case of the company, the certificate of incorporation, authorization form, logos, shading and sound ought to be submitted.

The registration interaction

The logo registration demands the candidate ought to do a Logos search to guarantee that the logo to be held is special and stand-out, and doesn’t encroach on the plan of a power logos. It should similarly not be comparative enough in plan or shading to be mistaken for any current logos.

Archiving of the Form TM-1

Each such plan would contain only a solitary application. Brand name in two classes (for example divisions) – assume Eager Shoes and Driving forward Hardware, similarly as an alternate logos for each, you would make four applications. Clearly, if there ought to be an occasion of the logos, you would have to similarly to give an image of it in the JPEG plan.

The Examination

The record will be examined and the complaint is invited. Assuming no Logos complaint is attained, the registration certificate is given.

Brand name registration

Brand name upholds the estimation of your image in the mind of the purchaser regardless of whether you separation yourself from the customers. The brand name registration of an organization ingrains estimations in the brain of the customers once they use the things or administrations. A brand name can either speak to something particular/administration or corporate personality.

The archives needed for the brand name registration

For individuals the delicate duplicate of the logos, name, and address of the applicant. In case a company is applying means, the agreement deed duplicates among the partners, the enlisted location of the workplace address, in case in the event that it is on lease take the NOC and lease deed of the land ruler. Portrayal of the assistance or the thing ought to be alluded to.

The registration pattern of the Brand name registration

Check the brand name search. It is the as a matter of first importance step. The accompanying stage is to record the Logos. Then, at that point it is trailed by the examination report and it welcomes the complaint. Then, at that point it is scattered in the journal and it is against assuming there is no more limitations, finally the registration is finished.

Trademark Restoration in India – Trademark Registration in Erode

Trademark restoration in India

Trademark is an indication that recognizes the items from a specific maker or venture from those of its rivals. By giving a particular sign to products or administrations delivered by a venture, trademarks make a suffering picture in the customer’s mind. Trademark Restoration in India – Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article.


Trademarks might be a word or a blend of words, letters and numerals. They may likewise comprise of drawings, images, 3D signs like shape and bundling of products, or tones utilized as a distinctive element. Trademark Registration gives the selective right to utilize the mark in regard of merchandise or administrations for which it was enlisted.

Trademark restoration

In the event that a trademark has been taken out from the register of trademarks attributable to non-recording of the renewing demand on Form TM-R with the essential charge, then, at that point the owner of the said trademark can document an application for the restoration of a trademark to the register and restoration of its registration. Such an application for restoration can be documented following a half year and within one year of the expiry of the trademark registration under Form TM-R with the restoration expense of some amount for every class notwithstanding the proper renewing charge.

It is anyway relevant to take note of that the recorder will evaluate the interest of other influenced people while thinking about the solicitation for such restoration and restoration. Endless supply of the restoration and renewal demands, the registration center will tell something very similar to the enrolled owner and each enlisted client and the restoration and renewing will be publicized in the Trademarks Journal guaranteeing that the mark is restored for a resulting time of ten years.

Trademark restoration process in India

Restoration of a trademark is an activity or interaction of bringing back the mark to the register of trademarks, which has been eliminated from it. There are a few cases when a mark is taken out from the register.

Restoration of trademark can work in couple of occasions like shortfall of convenient renewing of the first or past Trademark registration of the equivalent. A trademark when enrolled awards the owner as long as 10 years of security endless supply of similar an additional 10 years are added to the assurance. Thinking about the human inclination, it so happens that the owner postponements to renew his mark and emphasized by the vault, the present circumstance happens on various occasions.

According to area 25(3) of the Trademarks Act, 1999 “At the endorsed time before the lapse of the last registration of an trade mark the Registrar will send notice in the recommended way to the enlisted owner of the date of termination and the conditions as to installment of charges and in any case whereupon a renewing of registration might be acquired, and, if at the lapse of the time recommended for that benefit those conditions have not been properly consented to the Registrar may eliminate the trade mark from the register:

Given that the Registrar will not eliminate the trade mark from the register if an application is made in the endorsed structure and the recommended charge and overcharge is paid within a half year from the termination of the last registration of the trade mark and will restore the registration of the trade mark for a time of ten years. This implies that the Registrar needs to send forward a notification to the owner of the mark under segment 25(3).

According to segment 25(4) of the Trademarks Act, 1999 if the owner sends in a utilization of rebuilding of his mark within one year from the lapse of the last registration of the trademark alongside the recommended expense then the mark will be prepared to be renewed.

Upon the restoration of the terminated trademark registration, a notification must be sent by the Registrar to the owner for the rebuilding and the equivalent should be publicized in the authority Journal. The notice is done to welcome any complaint according to the activity made. On the off chance that a complaint emerges, the Registrar will take up the matter into hearing and if not the trademark is renewed for an additional 10 years for the sake of the owner.

At the point when the actual demonstration has recommended the system for expulsion, it isn’t defended in holding the said strategy to be not required or not restricting on the Registrar to maintain the evacuation regardless of whether such technique isn’t followed. Consequently realize that plenitude of tolerance is given to the owner, in any event, when the trademark is lapsed and he can apply for rebuilding when notice under structure O3 has not been conveyed to him by the Registrar.

Two cases of application to be made for trademark restoration

  • The trademark registration which is to be done within a half year from the date of termination of the last enrollment wherein an additional charge expense is likewise payable
  • For rebuilding of the enrollment of a brand name, which has been taken out from the register of brand names, following a half year to one year tallied from the date of termination of its last registration.

Need for Trademark restoration

The Registration of Trademark isn’t sufficient, the candidate of Trademark Registration ought to proactively guarantee the Trademark Renewal and Restoration in the recommended time span:

  • For the Restoration of legitimate rights related with the enrolled Trademark;
  • For protecting the brand worth of the business from the outsiders;
  • For the qualification to petition for Trademark Infringement;
  • For asserting solutions for Infringement of Trademark;
  • For the security of business and individual related with the business.

Forms of trademark restoration

Form TM-12

The application in Form TM-12 is filed when the cycle of Trademark Renewal is within the stipulated time period. There will be a prerequisite of any overcharged charges if the application if documents within the specified time span.

Form TM-10

The application in Form TM-10 is documented when the cycle of Trademark Renewal is conveyed inside a half year before the date of the termination of the Trademark Registration. The recommended Renewal expenses are material with Form TM-10 and ought to be submitted with the Form.

Form TM-13

The application in Form TM-13 is filed when the enrolled Trademark is taken out from the Register of Trademark by the Registrar. The Restoration or Renewal cycle will require some investment from a half year to 1 year from the date of the termination of the Trademark Registration. The recommended expenses for both Renewal and Restoration of Trademark will be collected upon the candidate.

Importance of Trademark Registration in Erode

Importance of Trademark registration

Trademark is a business personality that assists with recognizing and recognize the products made or benefits offered by an organization or a person. A trademark can be enlisted for a business name, name, logo, shading, bundling, sound, sign or any blend thereof. Exchange Marks Offices India are situated at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Re-appraising authority is Intellectual Property Appellate Board which is situated in Chennai. Trademark registration in Erode might be recorded based on client or based on goal to utilize the trademark. Trademark images exist to fill in as notice to the public that the imprint going before the image is a brand name. Notice may serve to stop others from utilizing the mark. Importance of Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article.


Importance of trademark registration

A Trademark ensures your image and furnishes you with the apparatuses to keep somebody from riding on the rear of your business. Trademark is equipped for recognizing the products or administrations of one individual from those of others and incorporates the state of merchandise, their bundling, and a blend of shadings. Tell us more reasons of Importance of Trademark Registration in Erode.

Protection of brand

Aregistered trademark builds up responsibility for brand, name or logo. It shields your image from any unapproved utilization of the outsider. The enrolled trademark demonstrates that the item thoroughly has a place with you and you have select rights to utilize, sell, and change the brand or products in whichever way you need.

It is an asset

An enrolled trademark may end up being an important resources for your organization/Business. These resources continues increasing in value over the long run. As your business develops after some time, the worth of the trademarks gets increased naturally. Along these lines, if your business develops, your trademark likewise fills in esteem.

Communication tool

Indeed, Trademarks may end up being a successful and simple specialized apparatus. They represent themselves. An enrolled trademark registration can be effectively distinguished which brand your item has a place with. For instance, when you see a silver shading half chomped Mac on any gadget, be it a PC or a telephone, you can without much of a stretch distinguish that it is an Apple item.

Uniqueness of brand

A brand that is remarkable and diverse should be enrolled as each business needs a brand or logo that sticks out, which separates your image from that of others. Consequently, an enlisted trademark gives a special character to your image.

Trademark is forever

Trademark once enlisted can keep going forever. The Trademark enlisted by any firm remaining parts with them for eternity. Indeed, the trademark enlistment will be recharged after at regular intervals. In any case, the character that it provided for the brand remains for eternity.

Against infringement

The proprietor of the enlisted trademark is qualified for start lawful procedures, record a claim against the violators, and even interest financial harms or remuneration if under any conditions his trademark rights are encroached.

Easy for the customers to find out

A registered trademark offers straightforwardness to online clients by aiding them in recognizing countless items and administrations and tracking down the most applicable one for themselves. Many web search tools, similar to Google, and web-based media stages like Facebook and Instagram, are fit for distinguishing the reserved items rapidly inside a couple of snaps. Subsequently, there is a more serious level of brand notoriety for a business on the Internet too.

Increase in value

At the point when a trademark exists for a brand or business, the worth of its items and administrations – increments astoundingly and naturally. Moreover, it turns out to be relatively simpler to publicize, advance, or market a brand with its comparing enlisted trademark. To wrap things up, as the most beneficial viewpoint, a trademark holds tremendous potential for upgrading the item’s general market esteem.

For having a serious edge and benefit over your likely adversaries, it is fundamental to proceed with getting your trademark enrolled. As a critical business component, a trademark adds to the worth of the brand and expands brand awareness.

Latest news

Mahindra and Mahindra has applied to reserve the name Mahindra ScorpioN in India. As indicated by late postings on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Patent Design and Trademarks site, the organization has enlisted various cycles of the name ‘ScorpioN’ and ‘Mahindra ScorpioN’ to be reserved. As of now, all names are labeled as ‘Set apart for Exam’ which infers that the trademark registration application has been taken up for assessment or is expected to be inspected quickly by the Trademark Office.

Presently, recently, Mahindra had likewise reserved the name ‘Scorpio Sting’ in India, and in those days it was accepted that it very well may be the name of the cutting edge Mahindra Scorpio or perhaps a last release of the active age adaptation of the mainstream SUV. Furthermore, we accept the equivalent could be the situation with the as of late enrolled ScopioN too. Since an organization reserve a name doesn’t actually imply that it will utilize it, in this way, it is conceivable Mahindra is banking diverse name alternatives for the cutting edge Scorpio. On, the other hand, Mahindra ScorpioN could likewise be the name of a unique/energetic variation of the SUV that could highlight an all the more remarkable motor or sportier styling.


Trademark registration in erode another method of referring to brands. Shoppers’ buying choices are impacted by trademarks and the standing such brands address. It is significant for money managers to have a comprehension of why trademarks are significant resources and help develop their business. Here are the seven top reasons of why trademarks are critical to your business.Brands can inspire good feeling in individuals’ brains. Not enrolling a brand name leaves a business open to claims from organizations who enlisted one under a similar name, sign, trademark, or plan. In the event that that happens, a business will be compelled to manage modifying all it concocted, like the mission, site material, and generally, their image character.Accordingly, business openings are more appealing to up-and-comers. Representative maintenance can be higher if workers have good affections for the brand and the items and administrations advertised.

Trademark Renewal In India – Trademark Registration in Erode

Trademark renewal in India

Trademark registration in erode is valid for a period of 10 years only. After which, it are often renewed from time to time. Trademark renewal conserve rights that are only available for registered marks. If the proprietor fails to renew the trademark, it’ll lose all security related to the registration. for instance , a registered trademark has the advantage of a legal assumption of ownership. Meaning the burden of proof is on others to undertake and deny your ownership. Trademark Renewal In India – Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article.


Need for trademark renewal in India

there are many benefits to renewing a trademark. Trademark registration in erode gives the holder of the trademark many rights that are protected by law. It prevents trademark infringement and also provides for restitution installation just in case of such infringement. It also gives the holder the proper to transfer the trademark to a different person or company as he wishes. Licensing of a trademark is feasible as long as the holder of the trademark has registered a trademark, therefore the registered trademark has full financial value. The way to renew a trademark A registered trademark is merely valid for 10 years, after which it must be renewed. The Registrar of Trademarks will send you a letter of reminder 6 months before the expiration of his trademark. Once you are close to renew a trademark, you’ve got two options:
• Renew a trademark with an equivalent because it is before the name of registration
• Renew the trademark with changes and modifications
• the form for trademark renewal is Form-TM-R.
The application doesn’t have to be filed by the registered owner of the trademark, it are often done by a licensed representative or agent.
The status of the appliance must be followed if anyone protests for trademark registration in erode after filing the appliance. Such protests are often submit by a person publicly.
• The trademark are going to be published within the Official Gazette of the Trademark Journal when the appliance is approved.
• If the trademark is published, the owner of the trademark are going to be protected for an additional ten years.
• Trademarks are often renewed indefinitely.
• The price for a trademark renewal depends on whether it’s physically an individual or whether it’s been done online.
• It costs Rs 10,000 to file for renewal on a physical basis
• If done online through e-filing, it costs Rs 9,000
For trademark renewal, the subsequent requirements are required:
• A copy of the registration certificate
• Copy of TM-A form (Form used for original application for trademark registration in erode)
• Proof of ID and address of the applicant
• Power of Attorney if the applicant is a licensed representative or agent.

Establishment of trademark restoration

If the renewal period has passed and no application has been made before the expiration, the proprietor may apply for a trademark restoration. However, such registration must be applied for six months to 1 year after the expiration date. The proprietor must fill out the proposed form [TM-13] to request a reinstatement
upon receipt of applications to either renew or restore the trademark, the Registrar will re-announce the sign and invite objections from people that have reason to believe that the trademark shouldn’t be renewed or restored. After the required waiting period, if there’s no objection, the mark are going to be entered within the trademark register. The entry indicates that the mark has been renewed for a period of 10 years.

Documents required for renewal:

• PAN Card
• Address proof
• Certificate of registration
Trademark Registration in erode certificate issued by the Registry
• Power of attorney if somebody else is filing the trademark renewal application to the Registry on your behalf

Procedure for trademark renewal

The proprietor of the trademark will need to file the proposed form [TM-12], which is an application for renewal before the Registrar. This application could also be filed 6 months before or before the expiration date of registration.
1 – 3 months before the top of registration, if no application for renewal has been filed, then the Registrar will send a notice to the proprietor informing him of the date of renewal. if a renewal isn’t notified, no trademark are often removed.
Along with the appliance for renewal, the owner will need to pay the renewal fee as prescribed. Failure to pay the fee it’ll cost in removal of the trademark from the register.
Benefits of trademark renewal in India are as follows.

Expansion of ownership rights

The whole idea of registering a trademark for a business is to incorporate its rights. Once your trademark is registered, you’re taking a crucial step to guard your business rights. Every online with each trademark renewal, your prerogative to the trademark extends for an additional 10 years. By extending your trademark registration in erode, you’ll still be shielded from any infringement of your name rights. The goodwill created by your name over the years are often enhanced with none hesitation.

Protection from legal proceedings

with every trademark renewal, you still enjoy seamless protection against any futile lawsuits. Timely trademark renewal makes it impossible for people / businesses aside from the registered trademark owner to say any rights over the trademark. Also, you’ll sue people / businesses for unauthorized use of the trademark, if it remains registered in your name.

Attracts the simplest human resources

As you renew your trademark, it continues to spread your organization’s vision, brand image, and unique characteristics. Naturally, talented young minds will want to hitch such a prestigious brand. Thanks to the positive brand image created by your trademark, such talented human resources will easily address work for your organization. This may significantly reduce the value of finding and hiring quality manpower.
You can get your trademark renewal online here in only 3 easy steps with Solubilis. With the assistance of our online platform, you’ll upload all the specified documents hassle free and pay the trademark renewal fee quickly through our secure gateway. Your trademark are going to be renewed in only 3 to 4 days!

An Overview of Online Trademark Registration in Erode

Trademark Registration Online in India – An Overview

Visual symbols, such as the signature of a word, name, device, label, number, or combination of colours used by the owner of a trademark for goods or services or other articles of commerce, distinguish it from other similar goods or services starting from different businesses. A trademark can be a word, symbol, logo, brand name, wrapper, packaging labels, tagline, or combination of these and is used by manufacturers or service providers to identify their own products services. It is used to differentiate the products or services of its competitors’ owners. How to Protect Brand Name Through Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article.


A trademark is a visual symbol that can be a word, name, number, label, colour combination, etc., used by businesses to distinguish its services or products from the same goods or services that are produced in different businesses. Petrol Design and Trademarks is the regulator of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, controlling the list of trademarks in India. Trademarks are registered under the Trademarks Act, 1999 and give the trademark owner the power to sue for damages when the trademark registration in Erode is violated. Registered trademarks are the intellectual property of a business, used to secure a company’s investment in a brand or symbol. It is mandatory for a company to register a trademark of its choice as it will serve as a unique symbol for the products and services you provide.

Proposed trademarks that are identical or identical to existing registered trademarks may not be registered. Moreover, a trademark is not registered if it is not offensive, general, unreliable, and unique, it contains specially protected symbols etc.

Once the Trademark registration in Erode process is complete, the R symbol can be applied and the incorporation will be valid for 10 years. Registered trademarks nearing expiration can be renewed regularly by filing a trademark renewal application for another 10 years.

Documents required for trademark registration:

Following are the minimum documents and information required to file a filing trademark application in India:

Name, address and nationality of the applicant,if the applicant is a company, include the country or state with the full address. A list of goods and services that require registration;

Trademark Entity: Whether the applicant is an individual, start-up or small enterprise;

Soft copy of registered trademark;

If the application is filed declaring the priority of the application previously filed in another country, the details of that application are also required while filing the application in India must have the application number, filing date, country and goods / services. A certified priority document, or a properly recorded copy of it, must be submitted to the original Trade Marks Office Fee within two months of filing the application.

Usage: Date of first use of the trademark in India, if used or otherwise can be applied on the proposal to use the application, in case of claim to use the trademark before the date of application, affidavit supporting documents required for trademark registration with such use, application Will be filed with. [The word ‘use’ in India has a broad meaning and does not mean that there is a physical presence of goods or services in India. displaying of the brand mark in foreign journals circulating in India or use of mark in sales invoices, letterheads etc. with trade mark will ‘use’ these marks in India.].

Power of Attorney: Document indicated by the applicant’s authorized signatory with clearly specified name and designation (no legalization / notarization required).


Step 1: Search for the trademark

Applicant should be aware while choosing his / her trademark. Then, there are already many types of trademarks available, once a trademark is selected, it is compulsory to do a public search on the trademark database that is available with the trademark registry to make sure that the trademark is unique and that there are no other trademarks, similar to his or her trademark.

Trademark Search expose that all types of trademarks that are already available in the market, registered or unregistered. The search further exposes that whether there is competition for the same trademark in the applicable trademark.

Step 2: To file a trademark application

The application for trademark incorporation depends entirely on the goods and services to which the business relates, either in a single class or in a multi-class.

The incorporation application form is TM-A which can be filed either online either through the official IP India website or physically on the Trademarks Office Fee, which is subject to trademark jurisdiction.

The application for trademark registration in Erode should be backed up with multiple documents with full details of the trademark for which the registration has been requested. Moreover, if the applicant declares a previous use in the trademark, then the use of the user’s affidavit must be accompanied by proof of use with proof of its previous use.

Step 3: scrutiny of trademark application by government authority

After filing the trademark application, a mandatory scrutiny report is issued by the examiner after a detailed scrutiny of the trademark application in accordance with the guidelines of the Trademark Act, 2016.

The examination report by the Authority discloses certain objections, which may be complete, relevant or procedural. The report of this scrutiny is issued by the Trademark Authority within 30 days of filing the incorporation application.

After receiving the report, it is necessary to reply to the examination report within a period of 300 days, which has arguments and evidence against any objection to be waived.

Step 4: After the exam

After filing the answer to the examination report, the examiner (Trademark Authority) may appoint a hearing if he / she are not fully satisfied with the answer submitted or if the objections are not satisfied. After this hearing, the examiner can accept the mark and then forward the application for publication in the journal or neglect the above application if any objection still persists.

Step 5: Announce the trademark

Once the trademark registration application is accepted, the trademark is then displaying and also published in the Trademarks Journal for a period of 4 months. The purpose behind the publication and display is to invite the general public to protest against the registration of the sign.

The Trade Marks Journal is available on the official registry website which is updated every Monday of the week.

Step 6: Opposition from the general public

Display an ad and publication of a trademark in a journal, any attacker may file a notice of protest against the trademark registration of the advertised / published trademark. This notice of resistance to the trademark must be filed by Form TM-O within 4 months of the publication of the mark in the Trademark Journal. If there is an objection or objection to the trademark application, the due process of principle must be followed in which the trademark can be registered along with the submission of counter-statement application and evidence

Step 7: Register the trademark

The final step towards the whole process is trademark registration where the application proceeds towards registration after winning the objection and / or objection against the registration of the registered trademark.

In addition, if there is no objection to trademark registration during the months of advertisement / publication period, then the trademark is given a certificate of auto-generated registration during a period of 1 week. Once the trademark registration is completed, it is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it will need to be renewed during the prescribed period.