Logo Registration – Trademark Registration in Erode

Logo Registration in India

The logo of the Registrar of Fire Safety, Security and Protection, as well as the Logo is the guarantor of intellectual property rights. Along these lines, logo registration takes place, which suggests that both the logo and the company name should be selected. Let’s take a closer look at the design of these three key elements, namely: (logo). The application for Logo registration must be submitted in the form TM-1, TM-2 And TM-22, TM-37, TM-45,TM-51, TM-52, TM-53, A-TM-61 TM-64, TM-65, TM-66, TM-68, for example, in the Marking Regulations 2002. The app can even ask for a virtual world operator. A single app can be made for different classes of goods or invoices related to a class that demonstrates power. A single application can also be made in-place, in Logs. Logo Registration – Trademark Registration in Erode is what we are going to be discussed in this article and required documents also.


Does not require registration and logo registration

Logo for registering relevant stores. So In the case of an individual,

This is a duplicate logos

Name of the applicant

Applicant’s address and nationality

The image is at work, and things are handled by the commander.

Notification from the class logo, including the Logo you must be registered with.

In the case where the agent was included in the power of attorney must be signed.(Form 48)

In the case of a company logo, registration is required

Foundation agreement and Articles of Association

Permanent Training Agreement (LLP) Act)

Certificate of Registration

Address company confirmation, gas fee, electricity fee, water bill)

If it is registered, the address of its location is leased, and the host’s NOK is leased.

As mentioned above, entries will be required to decorate the registration logo.

Stages of logo registration

Logo search

Logo search-audits various pieces of information, including the brand name, database, and even corporate and commercial orientation assets and regularly enters some brand registration open for use, without the risk of losing the benefits of the previous customer or registrant; and (b) registration-related Logo regulations in accordance with the laws and laws of the county.

Speech recognition

Now that it has been discovered that the proposed name does not conflict with a number of other branded products available in the room, in the safe, the logo, applications included in the office Logo. Now, a logo, app, link can be made to have more than one type of property in a single app. The application must be registered within six months from the date of entry into force of the decision on granting the right to use the thread located in another country.

Logo Research

Stamps that are included in the guide, take a look at this one, in the direction of what will meet the requirements to save to India. The assessment now takes place in about 8-10 months, is carried out on request, and it is decided whether it is possible to request a simplified assessment of administrative expenses compensation.


As a rule, this person also comes into conflict with the registration of the Logo. Owner of the previous app logo with a similar logos for similar things. A person who has used a similar Logo for our clients, but you don’t need to search for it to register this Logo either.


As of the date of publication of the ad in the Trademark Journal, while the Logo registration certificate must be issued. Now, if you choose a Logos legally, you will be charged an additional fee for some time within 10 years from the date of payment of the necessary fees.

Logo Registration

As a rule, this person also comes into conflict with the registration of the Logos. These were registered paintings, drawings, painting, planning, structure, shapes, words or symbols, three-dimensional symbols, numbers, images, photographs used alone or in a mixture, which is very rare for a company or organization. The logos, you can be known as the registration mark on the property.

These entries will need to be used with the registration logos.

For individuals the delicate duplicate of the logos, name, and address of the applicant. In case of the company, the certificate of incorporation, authorization form, logos, shading and sound ought to be submitted.

The registration interaction

The logo registration demands the candidate ought to do a Logos search to guarantee that the logo to be held is special and stand-out, and doesn’t encroach on the plan of a power logos. It should similarly not be comparative enough in plan or shading to be mistaken for any current logos.

Archiving of the Form TM-1

Each such plan would contain only a solitary application. Brand name in two classes (for example divisions) – assume Eager Shoes and Driving forward Hardware, similarly as an alternate logos for each, you would make four applications. Clearly, if there ought to be an occasion of the logos, you would have to similarly to give an image of it in the JPEG plan.

The Examination

The record will be examined and the complaint is invited. Assuming no Logos complaint is attained, the registration certificate is given.

Brand name registration

Brand name upholds the estimation of your image in the mind of the purchaser regardless of whether you separation yourself from the customers. The brand name registration of an organization ingrains estimations in the brain of the customers once they use the things or administrations. A brand name can either speak to something particular/administration or corporate personality.

The archives needed for the brand name registration

For individuals the delicate duplicate of the logos, name, and address of the applicant. In case a company is applying means, the agreement deed duplicates among the partners, the enlisted location of the workplace address, in case in the event that it is on lease take the NOC and lease deed of the land ruler. Portrayal of the assistance or the thing ought to be alluded to.

The registration pattern of the Brand name registration

Check the brand name search. It is the as a matter of first importance step. The accompanying stage is to record the Logos. Then, at that point it is trailed by the examination report and it welcomes the complaint. Then, at that point it is scattered in the journal and it is against assuming there is no more limitations, finally the registration is finished.

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