Trademark Registration In Erode

Trademark registration in Erode is very essential one for the initiation of business and company formation proceedings. As equal to the company name registration trademark registration also very important one. Before few decades trademark registration is not so essential one. Trademark is a business slogan and symbol getting its importance in the business world. Fast growing cities in Tamil Nadu needs the finest hope for the business economy. Solidly business development requires the goodwill of the business. To resolve the competitive edge, brand name is playing its essential role in the potential business market. A product’s or services independent identity is protecting through the trademark registration. It is the step by step process combines with the common processes like, trademark search; filing trademark application; examination and journal publication are the general procedures following in the trademark registration process. Erode is a landmarking place for the development of the business initiation. Trademark registration in Erode is the finest opportunity every entrepreneur obligatory to be aware of this business empowerment with the base of this trademark filing procedure.


Trademark Registration Process:

The first and foremost importance of trademark registration is following to avoid the trademark infringement. In the place of consumer world, similar name will solidly confuse to buy or use. Other than that, it will raise sceptical questions among the brand and its worthiness. Legal way of protection is the primary cause for the registration of trademark. Apart from the business use, trademark is considering as a unique creative work. The major purpose of trademark registration is a complex procedure for the intention of anyone should not obtain other person’s trademark is making the strict provisions on this trademark filing process. Trademark registration is now a competitive process to getting the exact name.

Trademark search

Trademark search is the initial process following in the trademark registration to verify the name is available or not.

Trademark classification

As per the nice classification the goods and services need to be place with right classification for the welfare of business.

Trademark application filing

Trademark attorney will meticulously draft trademark application with the business name and innovative logo design.

Examination process

This process will decide whether it is acceptable or object with by the trademark registrar with in the framing norms of law.

General publication

General publication held after the completion of the examination. It is final process to protect already register logo.

Final step of registration

After all these works completion, the issuing process of registered certificate will take approximately nine months of time.

How important to register a trademark
  • Trademark registration legally proves your business has the brand as a reward.
  • Brand name registration offer the trust and good will on the busines or service providings.
  • Eradication of trademark infringement is the major business complexity logo filing is the pefect safeguard.
  • Apart from other assets, brand name creation with the innovation method is Intellectual Property of the your company.
  • Logo and brand name will easily register into the mind of the mind of the consumer.
  • Not only costly products but also good products also reach its fame with the trademark registration.
  • A good and remarkable name always a competitive edge in the brand name registration.
Frequently Asked Questions

A good trademark should be easy to remember. Think unique and creative way. Except innovations, numerals and abbreviations need to be avoided because; they are really tough to remember by the consumers.

Companies and business organizations are eligible to register the trademark and progress them for their business development. An individual who are in the idea of business incorporation also apply it earlier without any delay.

Trademark registration at the online portal is the simplest and the fastest way for the trademark registration process. Online process is the easiest way for completing the registration process. Once the name decided if it is available then the process is very easy one.

Trademark portals, USPTO, WIPTO are the common portal very useful one for the checking process of the trademark. If these portals do not register the particular name, then you can easily register it. It is the way to find the trademark availability.

Unlike other IPR patents are closely associative one with the business purpose. When a business sold to someone else, automatically Trademark also belongs to them. Directly the trademark is not selling one except the business purpose.

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