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Solubilis is one of the best and superlative consultants in the corporate, legal and intellectual property law firm in Erode. Our name gets widespread among the patrons only because of our best strategy services. Each of our services are in a cost-effective way. Our Solubilis team endeavour to get achieve excellence in all the services. We are having a wide range of legal and technical professionals along with the support of secretarial staff. Our team always provides customized solutions by analysing the assets of each customer and consult them to achieve the best business strategy. The consultation is differ from client to client and we are enable them under market oriented research. We are having a huge amount of satisfied clients in our legal matters.

Trademarking your company name means protecting the brand and its reputation, and your ideas. Registration is mandatory when you invest lots of effort, blood, sweat and tears for your business. Trademark registration is now easy with Solubilis expert’s team and they put full efforts to make the registration hassle free.


To be the best service providers in all corner of business legalities. Time, quality service providing is our primary Motto.


To explore the finest services in all parts of India with our reputed name. "Solubilis" name insist our quality.


We produce more than thousand registration within a yearIt adds the special feather to us .

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